Saturday, November 11, 2006

October 26, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, M. Burke, E. Strathmann, D. Riczo, D. Sweet, A. Lint, T. Ares, T. Hall, Guests: J. Gonzalez, B. Hall

I. Welcome Back
- Members discussed their Fall Break activities

II. Bill Kristol Lecture
- JB handed out posters and asked members to help put them up
- ES also asked members to "talk up" the lecture with their friends and classmates
- JB mentioned that dinner invitations would go out soon; based on meeting attendance

III. OPAL Iraq Forum
- TA will speak for the CRs about the War in Iraq
- Forum is Saturday, 3pm, Wilder 101
- JB asked other members to come in support of TA

IV. Wal-Mart Trip!
- Meet 9pm Friday night in Wilder Lobby
- BH suggested filming the trip; JB will call manager and ask