Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 9, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: M. Burke, A. Lint, E. Strathmann, M. Brooks, J. Bruno, D. Sweet, D. Riczo, R. Randall

I. T-Shirt Committee
- JB asked for volunteers who would be willing to help get CRs t-shirts designed
- DR volunteered to suggest designs
- M. Brooks and M. Burke volunteered to find printing firm and order the shirts
- JB and DR will bring three possible designs to next meeting and members will vote

II. RRPLS Committee
- AL and ES volunteered to generate list of possible speakers for RRPLS, Spring 2007
- Committee will report list of ~10 possibilities at next meeting
- Members will vote on favorites; JB will discuss options with sponsor

III. Veterans Day
- JB asked whether anybody would like to do anything for Veterans Day; noted parade and service at LaGrange Veterans Park
- AL suggested doing something on campus to counteract military-bashing
- JB suggested putting up "Freedom's Source" placards from YAF
- MB, AL, JB volunteered to meet and put up posters on Saturday, 10:30am, Wilder Lobby

IV. Kate Obenshain Griffin Lecture
- Dinner invitations will be sent soon
- JB passed out posters; asked members to please put them up soon around campus
- Volunteers to help with logistics: ES and DR will help set up West Lecture Hall; MB will help clean up afterwards

V. WT Kenya Trip
- JB mentioned Oberlin student group's request for funding for WT volunteer trip to Kenya
- DR and others expressed sentiment that this is a great cause
- MB, JB, and others suggested that the CRs limited resources should be spent only on things that relate directly to our mission of advancing conservatism on campus
- Consensus against granting any funding