Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 7, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: T. Hall, E. Strathman, R. Randall, T. Ares, J. Bruno, D. Hill, Evan, A. Lint, D. Sweet, M. Burke, Guests (Matt from OSU CRs, Jim Gemelas, Jeff Csokmay)

I. Introductions
- All those present gave short introductions

II. Background
- JB provided background and history on CRs at Oberlin, including main activities during recent semesters

III. 9/11 Memorial
- CRs will create memorial for 5-Year Anniversary of September 11 attacks
- Memorial will consist of almost 3,000 small flags (one for each life lost in the attacks) placed in Wilder Bowl
- Also, post flyers donated by Young America's Foundation
- Connections Fair to be held the same day (4:30-6:00pm) in Wilder Bowl; CRs will have a table available
- Set-up of memorial will begin at around 5:00am on Monday, 9/11/06

IV. Ideas for Fall Activites
- Matt from OSU suggested working on elections
- JG and JC suggested ways to get involved with local candidates and the local GOP organization
- JB suggested celebrating important dates in conservative history (Reagan's birth, etc.), showing conservative documentaries, working to get out the vote in Avon and other GOP-leaning areas

V. Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series
- Planned for Fall semester: Patrick J. Michaels on 10/5, William Kristol on 11/2, Kate Obenshain Griffin on 11/15
- Ideas for spring? Current member can get involved in deciding

VI. Next Meeting
- To be held Thursday, September 14
- At that meeting, the group will decide when and how often to meet for the remainder of the semester.