Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 10, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, B. Garrett, T. Hall, D. Hill, S. Lacki, D. Riczo

I. T-Shirts
- BG reported that there was a problem in the ordering process, but that everything seems to be on track now, and the CRs will continue with our order this semester
- JB suggested that if the CRs have funds remaining, it would make sense for order more t-shirts than we need at the moment, so we have them available next year

II. Possible Speakers for Next Year
- JB suggested the following speakers:
- Ben Stein ($25,000)
- Joe Scarborough ($18,000)
- Peter Schweizer ($3,000 - $5,000)
- Patrick Clawson (OC '73), Iran policy expert
- Jan Ting (OC '70), Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware
- TH suggested John Stossel

III. Other Program Ideas for Next Year
- JB recapped ideas previously discussed: voter registration (perhaps in Republican-dominated towns/precincts), recruitment events
- BG suggested holding visible events linked to important events related to conservatism (e.g. celebrate birthday of President Reagan)
- BG suggested advertising the group's website
- TH suggested holding events related to environmentalism because of strong student interest; suggested speaker Patrick Michaels (UVa Climatologist), possibly to debate Oberlin Prof. David Orr

IV. Elections
- JB ran for President for Fall 2006, DR ran for Secretary for Fall 2006
- Both elected unanimously

V. Party
- JB suggested holding an end-of-year party for active CRs and to thank our VP and graduating member BG for all his hard work throughout the year
- Tentatively scheduled for May 20