Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 8, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans


Present: J. Bruno, B. Garrett, D. Riczo

I. Visitor from Ohio PIRG
- Spoke about Commission on Higher Education, requested that a representative of the CRs participate in OPIRG's Task Force on the issue, meeting on March 15. DR may be able to participate.

II. Update on Support Our Troops Drive
- JB will check in with Ben Franklin and Gibson's this week to see if we need to pick up any donations.
- Tabling in basement of Wilder went well on Monday and Tuesday; AF and NN were a great help and passed out a bunch of flyers.
- Short article about the drive appeared in the March 7 issue of the
Oberlin News-Tribune.
- Need volunteers to accept donations in Wilder Lobby, Saturday, March 11, 2-4 p.m. and/or at Ben Franklin or Missler's.
- JB will send out an e-mail asking for volunteers.

III. Update on Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series
- BG reported that we are honing in on a date for John Fund to come speak, likely in early May.
- May try to get one other speaker in addition before the end of the semester.

IV. Patrick Henry Center Suggestions
- JB reported suggestions for: Malkin follow-up event, advertisement in the
Oberlin Review, and formation of conservative student group.
- Discussion suggested that the timing isn't right for either a Malkin follow-up event or the proposed advertisement. If students are interested in forming a conservative group, the CRs encourage that, but members and leadership should be focusing efforts on the Oberlin College Republicans, and not on forming additional organizations.

V. National Conservative Student Conference 2006 (YAF)
- JB suggested that interested members look into attending the Young America Foundation's conference this summer, taking place July 30 - August 5 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
- If funds are available at the end of the semester, CRs may be able to help support registration fees, etc.

VI. Charter Revision
- Charter revisions approved on March 1, 2006 took effect immediately.
- Thus we have a vacant officer positions: Vice President; vacancy was officially announced; BG declared candidacy.

VII. T-Shirts
- CRs should make t-shirts, as suggested at the first meeting of the semester.
- BG will look in to possible vendors, designs/slogans for the shirt, etc.

VIII. Blog
- CRs now have an account on Will be used to post letters written by CRs members or officers to campus publications, meeting minutes, other commentary.
-Any time a member wishes to write an opinion piece, e-mail it to JB to be posted on the CRs blog.

IX. Other Business
- D. Arredondo may be interested in coming to a meeting to speak about the history of the Republican Party, other topics; BG will forward information to JB.
- JB expressed hope that in future years CRs will have a huge elephant float in the Big Parade.
- Baldwin-Wallace College Republicans will host Star Parker in a speaking event on Thursday, March 16, 8pm. JB will send e-mail to see if members interested in organizing a group to attend.