Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 22, 2006 Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, B. Garrett, D. Riczo

I. Support Our Troops Drive
- Drive ended last Sunday, March 19.
- JB and BG collected donations held at Gibson's, Ben Franklin, and Missler's, and dropped off certificates of appreciation for these businesses.
- During the week after spring break, the CRs organization will make its own donation for the drive -- JB and BG will make purchases.
- USO of Northern Ohio has expressed a desire to meet the CRs, in appreciation of our effort with this event.
- Two representatives will likely attend the next CRs meeting, Wednesday, April 5, and pick up all donations at that time.

II. Update on Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series
- BG reported that John Fund ( will be coming to speak on Tuesday, May 2. S. Shapiro will attend.
- Probably will not be any other speakers for the series this semester.

III. David Arredondo Visit
- David Arredondo, Chair of the Lorain Area Republican Party, will be coming to address the CRs on Wednesday, April 12, at our regular meeting time of 7:30pm.
- Will post flyers after spring break to advertise the lecture, entitled "The Republican Party--A History of Freedom and Civil Rights."

IV. Death Penalty Debate
- JB reported difficulty in finding a qualified speaker to articulate a pro-capital punishment stance in a debate with attorneys invited by the Oberlin ACLU.
- Two possible leads: prosecutor or other staff member from the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Ohio, and Rep. Bob Latta (R), Chair of the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee. Waiting to hear back from both; will advise.
- BG suggested trying to contact the Buckeye Institute.

V. Vice President Election
- BG unanimously elected Vice President; will retain Treasurer position as well.

VI. Documentary Screening
- Patrick Henry Center suggested screening a documentary entitled "Emancipation Revelation Revolution" about black conservatives and the stereotype that all blacks vote Democrat.
- PHC unable to lend the video, but JB will look into purchasing a copy so the CRs can screen it.

VII. New Iraq Policy Position
- JB proposed a new official CRs position on the War in Iraq.
- Discussion of proposed statement took place; two changes made.
- Current version of proposed position, to be voted for approval on Wednesday, April 5:

"The CRs believe that success in Iraq is attainable, and that U.S. forces should remain on the ground until two main conditions are met. First, a strong and legitimate democratic government must be formed. Second, the day-to-day security situation must be left in the hands of a well-trained and adept Iraqi police force or military. In order for these goals to be met, civilian policymakers must direct the U.S. military to learn from its mistakes, and to adapt its operations to meet the challenges of the insurgent enemy. Emphasis must be placed on enabling the new Iraqi government, along with that nation's armed forces, to provide protection and basic services to ordinary citizens. The United States must provide the training and resources necessary to make these goals achievable. At home, policymakers charged with crafting America's strategy in the war must develop a comprehensive plan for success and, with it, the eventual withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq."

VIII. Other Business
- DR reported participating in the student debt taskforce meeting that took place last week.
- Other students were generally receptive to DR's ideas, and a statement will be submitted for approval soon.
- Budget stuff: budget proposal for SFC must be prepared soon after break. JB reported attending SFC meeting on policies for 2006-2007 cycle. BG and JB will collaborate on the budget process.
- T-Shirts: BG will look into getting t-shirts for the group.