Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 9, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: M. Burke, A. Lint, E. Strathmann, M. Brooks, J. Bruno, D. Sweet, D. Riczo, R. Randall

I. T-Shirt Committee
- JB asked for volunteers who would be willing to help get CRs t-shirts designed
- DR volunteered to suggest designs
- M. Brooks and M. Burke volunteered to find printing firm and order the shirts
- JB and DR will bring three possible designs to next meeting and members will vote

II. RRPLS Committee
- AL and ES volunteered to generate list of possible speakers for RRPLS, Spring 2007
- Committee will report list of ~10 possibilities at next meeting
- Members will vote on favorites; JB will discuss options with sponsor

III. Veterans Day
- JB asked whether anybody would like to do anything for Veterans Day; noted parade and service at LaGrange Veterans Park
- AL suggested doing something on campus to counteract military-bashing
- JB suggested putting up "Freedom's Source" placards from YAF
- MB, AL, JB volunteered to meet and put up posters on Saturday, 10:30am, Wilder Lobby

IV. Kate Obenshain Griffin Lecture
- Dinner invitations will be sent soon
- JB passed out posters; asked members to please put them up soon around campus
- Volunteers to help with logistics: ES and DR will help set up West Lecture Hall; MB will help clean up afterwards

V. WT Kenya Trip
- JB mentioned Oberlin student group's request for funding for WT volunteer trip to Kenya
- DR and others expressed sentiment that this is a great cause
- MB, JB, and others suggested that the CRs limited resources should be spent only on things that relate directly to our mission of advancing conservatism on campus
- Consensus against granting any funding
October 26, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, M. Burke, E. Strathmann, D. Riczo, D. Sweet, A. Lint, T. Ares, T. Hall, Guests: J. Gonzalez, B. Hall

I. Welcome Back
- Members discussed their Fall Break activities

II. Bill Kristol Lecture
- JB handed out posters and asked members to help put them up
- ES also asked members to "talk up" the lecture with their friends and classmates
- JB mentioned that dinner invitations would go out soon; based on meeting attendance

III. OPAL Iraq Forum
- TA will speak for the CRs about the War in Iraq
- Forum is Saturday, 3pm, Wilder 101
- JB asked other members to come in support of TA

IV. Wal-Mart Trip!
- Meet 9pm Friday night in Wilder Lobby
- BH suggested filming the trip; JB will call manager and ask
October 12, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, D. Riczo, L. Murphy, T. Ares, M. Brooks, E. Strathmann, D. Sweet, A. Lint

I. Recap of Thursday's Lecture
- Members discussed Pat Michaels lecture
- Good turnout, very active audience
- JB thanked CRs for help with posters, etc.

II. Planning for William Kristol Lecture
- Need to start postering after Fall Break
- Will send dinner invitations after break, as well
- AL suggested handing out small flyers at Convocation lectures

III. Other Programs
- Members discussed organizing further movie nights
- MB suggested a trip to the new Wal-Mart in Oberlin

IV. OPAL Iraq Forum
- JB announced that the Oberlin Peace Activist League has asked the CRs to participate in a student forum on the Iraq War
- TA volunteered to speak for the CRs

Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, M. Brooks, T. Ares, M. Burke, R. Chester, E. Strathmann, L. Murphy, Guest: Deborah (OPIRG)

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. OPIRG Invitation
- Deborah from OPIRG invited members of the CRs to help out with voter registration canvassing in college dorms
- Members interested in signing up may contact Deborah at

III. Other Opportunities to Get Involved
- JB reported that Lorain County Board of Elections is looking to hire Republican poll workers to work on Election Day
- Interested members may call (440) 326-5910
- Must be a registered Republican in Lorain County to qualify
- Martha Wise campaign: CRs interested may join the State Senate candidate's literature drop in Oberlin on Sunday, October 8, 1-3pm

IV. Brown VS. DeWine Debate on 'Meet the Press'
- JB reported that on Sunday, October 1, Senate candidates Brown and DeWine will debate on 'Meet the Press'
- All interested may come to East Hall (1st floor TV lounge) at 1:00pm

V. Postering/Advertising for Pat Michaels Lecture
- JB reported that many posters have been torn down, covered up, or defaced
- JB encouraged members to "maintain" their posters -- keep an eye out for other flyers covering them up; make sure lecture advertisements are visible
- M. Brooks & M. Burke volunteered to ask professors to announce lecture in class
- ES and JB volunteered to hand out flyers at Convocation lecture

VI. Article Discussion
- MB led discussion on 'California Retro' article by Patrick J. Michaels

Monday, September 25, 2006

September 21, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: T. Ares, J. Bruno, D. Sweet, L. Murphy, M. Burke, A. Lint, E. Strathmann, S. Malik, R. Randall, E. White

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Elections
- Vice President:
a. Candidates: E. Strathmann & A. Lint
b. E. Strathmann elected 6-3
- Treasurer:
a. Candidates: M. Brooks
b. M. Brooks elected 7-1 (one write-in for T. Ares)

III. Advertising for First RRPLS Lecture
- JB suggested doing posters
- MB suggested using Facebook to invite friends
- ES suggested announcing event in classes
- EW suggested handing out flyers at E. Kolbert Convocation lecture
- JB suggested e-mailing Environmental Studies students and professors

IV. Help with Martha Wise Campaign
- JB will contact Wise campaign manager about helping with a literature drop around Oberlin in early October
- AL and others expressed interest in helping out

V. Pizza Night Tomorrow
- JB announced pizza night & showing of documentary on Friday, 9/22

VI. Article Discussion
- Led by DS: "In Politics, Aim for the Heart, Not the Head," Washington Post, 9/18/06

Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: D. Sweet, T. Ares, M. Brooks, R. Randall, E. Strathmann, L. Murphy, J. Bruno, T. Hall, Guests (L. Stevens & M. Wise)

I. Welcome & Introductions
- All those present gave short introductions

II. Martha Wise for State Senate
- LS and MW make some remarks about Mrs. Wise's candidacy for State Senate in Oberlin's district
- MW is running in a close race for an open seat
- Volunteer opportunities for CRs: Walking list, literature drops, internships, etc.

III. Regular Meeting Times
- CRs will meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm in Wilder TBA.

IV. Plan/Format for Future Meetings
- JB suggested the following format for meetings:
(Part 1): Discuss important logistical information related to CRs activities, programs, etc.
(Part 2): One member reads column or other piece of writing and the group discusses
(Part 3): Occasionally, this will be followed by a documentary showing (with food!)

V. Officer Elections
- JB reported that elections for two vacant officer positions will be held at the next meeting
- MB nominated herself for Treasurer, noted experience
- RR nominated ES for Vice President, ES accepted nomination

VI. Update on Activities
- 9/11 Memorial went over well, covered in Lorain Morning Journal
- First RRPLS speaker will be Pat Michaels on 10/5

VII. Next Meeting
- Thursday, September 21, 2006, 8:30pm
- DS volunteered to choose and read column/article for discussion

Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 7, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: T. Hall, E. Strathman, R. Randall, T. Ares, J. Bruno, D. Hill, Evan, A. Lint, D. Sweet, M. Burke, Guests (Matt from OSU CRs, Jim Gemelas, Jeff Csokmay)

I. Introductions
- All those present gave short introductions

II. Background
- JB provided background and history on CRs at Oberlin, including main activities during recent semesters

III. 9/11 Memorial
- CRs will create memorial for 5-Year Anniversary of September 11 attacks
- Memorial will consist of almost 3,000 small flags (one for each life lost in the attacks) placed in Wilder Bowl
- Also, post flyers donated by Young America's Foundation
- Connections Fair to be held the same day (4:30-6:00pm) in Wilder Bowl; CRs will have a table available
- Set-up of memorial will begin at around 5:00am on Monday, 9/11/06

IV. Ideas for Fall Activites
- Matt from OSU suggested working on elections
- JG and JC suggested ways to get involved with local candidates and the local GOP organization
- JB suggested celebrating important dates in conservative history (Reagan's birth, etc.), showing conservative documentaries, working to get out the vote in Avon and other GOP-leaning areas

V. Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series
- Planned for Fall semester: Patrick J. Michaels on 10/5, William Kristol on 11/2, Kate Obenshain Griffin on 11/15
- Ideas for spring? Current member can get involved in deciding

VI. Next Meeting
- To be held Thursday, September 14
- At that meeting, the group will decide when and how often to meet for the remainder of the semester.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 10, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, B. Garrett, T. Hall, D. Hill, S. Lacki, D. Riczo

I. T-Shirts
- BG reported that there was a problem in the ordering process, but that everything seems to be on track now, and the CRs will continue with our order this semester
- JB suggested that if the CRs have funds remaining, it would make sense for order more t-shirts than we need at the moment, so we have them available next year

II. Possible Speakers for Next Year
- JB suggested the following speakers:
- Ben Stein ($25,000)
- Joe Scarborough ($18,000)
- Peter Schweizer ($3,000 - $5,000)
- Patrick Clawson (OC '73), Iran policy expert
- Jan Ting (OC '70), Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware
- TH suggested John Stossel

III. Other Program Ideas for Next Year
- JB recapped ideas previously discussed: voter registration (perhaps in Republican-dominated towns/precincts), recruitment events
- BG suggested holding visible events linked to important events related to conservatism (e.g. celebrate birthday of President Reagan)
- BG suggested advertising the group's website
- TH suggested holding events related to environmentalism because of strong student interest; suggested speaker Patrick Michaels (UVa Climatologist), possibly to debate Oberlin Prof. David Orr

IV. Elections
- JB ran for President for Fall 2006, DR ran for Secretary for Fall 2006
- Both elected unanimously

V. Party
- JB suggested holding an end-of-year party for active CRs and to thank our VP and graduating member BG for all his hard work throughout the year
- Tentatively scheduled for May 20

Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 3, 2006
Meeting of the Oberlin College Republicans

Present: J. Bruno, B. Garrett

I. End-of-Year Party
- JB suggested that the CRs get together around the end of the year to celebrate our successful semester and say thanks to graduating members

II. T-Shirts
- BG reported that he had contacted the firm that the CRs are using, but said that he had not yet heard back about our order.

III. Speakers for Next Year
- BG suggested that it would be great if the CRs could set its speaker series schedule before the beginning of the year, so the group could advertise the entire series at the beginning of the year, not unlike how the college's Convocation Series is advertised.
- JB and BG brainstormed ideas for speakers. Possible names were: Ben Stein, Joe Scarborough, Steve Largent, Mark Steyn, Daniel Pipes, Peter Schweizer, and others.